Turner, Mike


The Most Important Chart for Success in Trading



Thursday, January 25, 2018 14:30 MST » 16:30 EST

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Detailed Agenda

Most people think that the key to success in the stock market is picking the right stocks and avoiding the wrong stocks. There's actually a much better way. I'll show you how I use one chart, the most important chart, to always make the right stock market trading decisions.  Want to outperform Berkshire-Hathaway with much less risk?  I show you how.  Want to know whether to get into the market now or wait for a pull-back?  I'll show you a chart that will ALWAYS give you the right answer.  Want to make money in both bull and bear markets? This is the session you do not want to miss. 
Be prepared to be amazed at how this methodology, which you can master, turns the investment world upside-down.  No hype.  No day-trading.  No options.  No annuities. No futures trading.  No guessing.  Just rules, tools and discipline.  My approach may be revolutionary, but it is 100% common sense. 
If there is only one webinar you watch this year, this is that one.

Speaker’s Bio

Mike Turner founded CycleProphet in 2000. He is an engineer by education and a highly successful entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the field of systems development and enterprise-level software applications, followed by more than 15 years in the field of computerized finance and stock market strategies.

He has developed stock analysis and trade-timing software that is used by some of the largest and most prestigious financial organizations in the world, including the Bloomberg Company where they have made his technology available to more than 300,000 financial institutions, world-wide. Bloomberg has also selected Mike's company to provide very high-end stock and index analysis reports to their largest and highest profile customers. Additionally, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has partnered with CycleProphet in a joint-venture advanced options education and trading strategies service reaching more than 730,000 active options and securities traders. A rapidly growing, China-centric, brokerage firm uses a white-label version of Mike's technology as an "advanced screener" for their many thousands of customers. Each of these organizations has thoroughly vetted Mike Turner and his technology with the conclusion that the CycleProphet technology that Mike has designed and developed, provides their customers and clients with tools that significantly improve each user's trade-timing success.

In addition to the CycleProphet technology being used, recommended and promoted by the above large organizations, many thousands of individual investors and traders have incorporated the CycleProphet tools into their active trading strategies as an integral component of their trade-timing and stock market investing.

Mike is also the president and Chief Portfolio Manager for his RIA (Registered Investment Advisory), Sabinal Capital Investments, LLC. Mike's financial, mathematical, computer science and engineering background serve as the foundation for his disciplined, rules-based approach to trading. He does not rely on instinct, gut-feelings, emotions, analyst opinions or hunches. 100% of the trades he makes are based on solid fundamental, technical and time-cycle based forecasting analysis where he utilizes his computer software system to scan the universe of stocks and ETFs to find the highest scoring equities that have the highest probability of success according to his quant-based algorithms. In summary, Mike is a disciplined and formulaic trader.

The trade-timing tools he has developed cover the gamut of time cycle market forecasting, fundamental analysis and technical trends of stocks, sectors, industries and entire markets. He utilizes his proprietary market-timing programs to tell him when to be in the market and when to be in cash. In his book ("10: The Essential Rules for Beating the Market"), Mike details his proven methodology for picking the appropriate stocks at the appropriate time, holding those positions as long as they are making money, and how to time the market for the best time to sell. The objective of Mike's methodology is to think like a fundamentalist but trade like a technician. His book encapsulates his fundamental and technical approach to trading. The book's publisher is John Wiley and Sons.


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