Shramenko, Yuri


Market Geometry as the Ideal Solution to Changing Volatility Patterns (and two more)



Saturday, April 4, 2015 08:30 MDT » 10:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:


Market Geometry as the Ideal Solution to Changing Volatility Patterns
Accurate MktGeo Timing Techniques
How to Trade Market Geometry


Our guest for the April 4th Denver Trading Group meeting will be Yuri Shramenko. Yuri resides in Huntington Beach, California. His presentation will cover a variety of interesting topics on Market Geometry techniques...

"I'll be releasing another YouTube video, Predicted Pitchforks part 1. Its a technique for drawing a PF when you only have two pivots. In the YT description I'm saying that Part 2 will be displayed (for the first time ever) at the DTG April 4th meeting. (Part 2 is better than part 1)."

What you will learn in this April 4th presentation:

Yuri will start with a brief introduction to market theory showing exactly how cyles cause market volatility and subsequent changes to volatility patterns; how changing volatility patterns lead to trading system instability; and he'll show a live cycle extraction process on the entire EurUsd history.

He will introduce Market Geometry as the ideal solution to changing volatility patterns, due to its self-optimizing nature which will be demonstrated.

Yuri will introduce and demonstrate several accurate MktGeo timing techniques, culminating with his never before presented "Predicted Pitchfork" technique.

Attendees will pick one of three markets, pick a day within the past couple of weeks, and he'll apply his Market Geometry techniques in front of the group using FibTrader. He will repeat the above on a daily chart, letting the group pick a trading week.

Finally, Yuri will show how to trade Market Geometry, pinpointing entries using simple technicals.

If time permits, he will showcase the (Timing Solution) Turning Point Analyzer, as experience shows that everyone who tries it will greatly appreciate it.

Yuri wants everyone to feel free to ask questions that will help you gain the level of understanding necessary so that you will add Market Geometry as one of your favorite trading tools.

About Our Speaker

"Yes, I'm a bit of a dog, but I make up for it with my overall cuteness and pleasant personality."

Yuri Shramenko is a private trader managing a $2 million family account; an educator, personally mentoring over 50 students; and a system developer.

From the mid 1980's he developed custom trading software for prominent private traders:

  • Welles Wilder and son (Adam software, then Delta)
  • Robert Pardo (Commodity Pool algorythms)
  • Programming consultant to the first Futures Source software
  • Program and design consultant to the first neural net of Lou Mendelsohn
  • Collaborated with Don Lambert on programming custom indicators for private trader use.
  • Worked with Bruce Babcock (of Commodity Traders Consumer Reports) on the design of his first trading system tester.

Yuri began trading Futures in 1986 and became a fulltime trader in 1989, now over 25 years of trading his own account.

He developed his first market geometry timing tool in November 1990, which is still in use, and he wrote a Market Geometry course in 2004.

Yuri started TechEdge trading business in 2004 and gave over 20 live lectures and workshops, including live daytrading presentations.

He was featured in trading DVD's sponsored by PAS Fibonacci Trader (2005, 2006)

From February 2007 to November 2008 Yuri ran a virtual DayTrading room making trading calls for subscribers.

In 2013 he made a series of Trading videos for Timing Solution software (, and published a Trading Mechanics and Money Management video.

This year Yuri published GrumpyTrader website for traders, featuring free trading articles and videos, and started a YouTube channel with free trading techniques (

 ***If you live near Denver, attend this 4-hour live educational trading forum on Saturday, April 4th and meet Yuri Shramenko in person.


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