Sheridan, Dan


Trading Plan for $4,000/month on $20,000 in Capital!!



Tuesday, April 18, 2017 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Making monthly income on less capital is a desire for all of us!  Dan will show you how to do this using Option Spreads with durations of 13-16 Days from expiration.
In his April 18th Webinar, Dan will cover the following trading plan details:
  • Is this too good to be true? Is this possible?
  • Why this is an effective Plan?
  • What strategies to use?
  • What vehicles do I use for these Strategies?
  • The Greeks of these Strategies?
  • How many trades each week?
  • How best to execute these trades?
  • What days to enter each trade?
  • Risk Management for each trade?
  • How to be consistent trading this plan?
  • Biggest hindrances to being successful with this plan?
  • How I incorporate Technicals, Price Levels, and Volatility levels into this Plan?

About Our Speaker

Dan is a veteran CBOE market maker, who worked with the highly successful specialist firm Mercury Trading, headed up by Jon and Pete Najarian.  While at Mercury, Dan was responsible for training most of the traders including Pete Najarian, one of the current hosts of CNBC's Fast Money. 

Dan left the pits in 2004, and founded Sheridan Mentoring. He now teaches individual traders the techniques and methods he used everyday to consistently profit in the options markets. 

Dan also teaches professional and retail traders through many additional channels: He hosts the weekly CBOE TV show, Options Safari at and he frequently does educational webinars for the CBOE and many brokers, as well as his new TV show called Sheridan TV, airing weekly at



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Phone: 800.288.9341




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