Rueb, Richard


My Right-Hand Trade



Thursday, January 21, 2021 14:30 MST » 16:30 EST

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Detailed Agenda

In our first webinar of 2021, Richard Rueb will share the methodology for his "Right Hand Trade". This is a trading regimen he has learned, tested & regularly trades. He uses it to trade futures intraday, but his right hand trade can be applied to any market and timeframe. The trade works so well that he wishes it could be patented! Unfortunately though, it was not his brainchild, so he is just a thankful user! On a 15 minute chart you may find between 5 and 10 trades per day.

During the webinar he will cover:

  1. Best hours to trade
  2. How to spot the trade setups
  3. What are price action fractals
  4. Trade entry rules
  5. Displacement entries
  6. Trade management
  7. Volume analysis techniques
  8. Rules for exiting trades
  9. Richards daily regimen
  10. Charts to view trade detail

If time permits, Richard will also share his "Fifteen-minute Trade".

Richard believes trading is the most exciting activity you can enjoy from a chair, unless you consider an F-16 cockpit seat a chair.  If you get stuck, ask him for help when you need it. You can view his daily trade signals on, Zoom Room Radio Facebook, email or just call (702) 279-6500.

Speaker’s Bio

Richard has been trading for 22 years, twenty of those he devoted to commodity futures. He observes about 3 dozen instruments that trade around the world. In his picture he is sitting at his workstation awaiting his "Right Hand Trade" setup signals.

Richard trades in a wide range of timeframes, from short-term hit & run trades, requiring an investment of 15 minutes to an hour during the early morning hours. Many of these trades are entered in the bias he derived from prior weekend research & analysis of the instruments which contain the best potential momentum. In addition to intraday and weekly trading, he looks at quarterly trends that may unfold over a 3 to 5 month period. These trades are derived from what he calls "Year End Research".

In this presentation on January 21st, he will describe his favorite trade:

My Right-Hand Trade.” He will show how he finds setups on many futures instruments with the right tempo, momentum, and trend from limited indicators he uses to regularly win.

From 2000, Richard presided over World Wide Traders, an active trading and advisory service, (formerly Day Traders USA), where 2-hour informative meetings were held for those who wanted to learn more about active trading. Richard helped struggling traders overcome information overload, misdirection, and poor performance.

Prior to trading full time, Richard specialized in information security and business resumption planning. As a pioneer in cyber security, he helped organize and grow the Information Systems Security Association. Prior to that he had a 24-year career in the United States Air Force retiring as Captain.

Richard received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, from the University of Denver in 1970.

Speaker’s Contact Info

(702) 279-6500

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