Rhodes, Steve


The 6 Essential Tools Used by the #1 Ranked Market Timer by Timer Digest



Thursday, September 20, 2018 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

Steve Rhodes of Mastering Probability is ranked as the #1 market timer by Timer Digest* for the S&P 500 and on Thursday, September 20th at 4:30 p.m., Steve will share with you the six essential tools that he uses to time the markets.
Steve will compress decades of knowledge into an hour by showing you:
  • The RMI (Rhodes Momentum Indicator), a pattern that has been present before the beginning of every bear market in the DOW for the last 130 years
  • How to identify and buy important price bottoms
  • The Mastering Probability "Black Box" set of signals that instantly identify in an instrument is bullish or bearish along with buy and sell points
  • The Mastering Probability Long/Short line that every trader needs to know
  • TAS Market Profiles which identify key levels of support and resistance
  • The AB=CD pattern, the ruler used to project price objectives
  • The Gartley Buy and Sell patterns
  • How to follow the global flow of capital
  • How these tools work for every time frame and every instrument

* See the August 27, 2018 Timer Digest report regarding Steve Rhoads...CLICK HERE.

Speaker’s Bio

Steve currently hosts a 1 hour radio/internet TV financial talk show, "The Traders Edge" at 1 p.m. ET each day at and distributed through the eSignal trading platform.

Steve was an owner operator of retail stores at Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Osaka Japan.

Steve's products were carried by over 20,000 drug stores.

Steve has rounded out the full C-suite as a CEO, CFO, COO, SVP and is a CPA .

Regarding how I became the #1 Timer goes back to a belief that the way you do anything, is the way your do everything.  Here is what I mean.

  • In the 80's, I developed the 3 essential tools to grow any business and used those tools to start a division of a computer retailer and went from $0 to $100 million in less than 5 years.
  • In the 90's, I developed a fantasy photo product and convinced every major casino to give me space where on their casino floors using the same principal.
  • In the 2000's, I developed a product that became the #1 revenue per square foot produce at Disneyworld
  • And in the last 12 years, I developed a set of tools that saw what others didn't and became the #1 market time in the S&P 500 and have been for the last 17 months.

A successful person can always use the same principles that helped them achieve success in one area and duplicate it in another.

  • I didn't begin playing golf until I was 24 and I've broken par several times.

In the end, the way you do anything is the way you do everything.
It's just that simple!

Speaker’s Contact Info

(407) 383-3100

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