Pesavento, Larry


The Theory and Practice of Pattern Recognition



Saturday, March 1, 2014 09:00 MST » 11:00 EST

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Detailed Agenda:

Our guest speaker for the March 1st Denver Trading Group meeting is Larry Pesavento, a longtime trader, educator and author living in Tucson, Arizona. His presentation will center on four topics:


  • How to Control Risk
  • Which Patterns are in Play for the Coming Weeks
  • Handling the Psychology of Trading
  • The Coming Astro Cycle Analysis Addition to Technical Analysis


Larry says his preference for teaching is to use a hands on approach to "What" he does, and "How" he does it each day. Larry has been trading for 51 years.

In appreciation for those who attend his talk, Larry will give a FREE week of his daily emails and videos to all attendees. There will also be door prize for 3 eBooks.

About Our Speaker

Larry Pesavento is a 51 year veteran trader. He began his career trading full time while in graduate school getting an MBA in Finance following a BS in Pharmacy.

He later managed the commodities department of Drexel Burnham Lambert in Southern California from 1976 to 1981.

In 1982 he became a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) where he was a local in the S&P and currency pits.

Following this he worked for a commodity corporation in Princeton New Jersey from 1985 to 1986.

In 1987 he wrote "Astro-Cycles: The Traders Viewpoint" and published a newsletter "Astro Cycles" until 1995.

Larry has one of the most extensive libraries on the subject of technical analysis. He has trained over 1000 traders using the pattern recognition swing trading methodology described in his books. Over the past 25 years he has written 10 books on trading. Larry is featured on the Market Mavens website.

If you live near Denver, attend this educational forum live on March 1st.

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 520.529.0469



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