Ochoa, Frank


Trading Directional Options and Finding Opportunities Using Trade Sequences



Thursday, July 25, 2019 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

Our July 25th DTG webinar will feature Frank Ochoa, who will present the topic: "Trading Directional Options and Finding Opportunities Using Trade Sequences".

Frank Ochoa will discuss the concept of trade sequences, which are powerful blueprints that help you to find and trade high probability opportunities, and allow you to pinpoint perfect entries and maximize gains, while reducing risk.

He will also discuss how he trades directional options after finding these powerful opportunities, which develop in all markets. These trade sequence blueprints can be used by traders of all time frames, but are especially powerful for swing traders and active investors.

Hope you can attend this July 25th DTG webinar with Frank Ochoa.

Speaker’s Bio

Frank Ochoa is a 20-year market veteran and author of the highly acclaimed book, "Secrets of a Pivot Boss".  He owns and operates the educational trading company PivotBoss, LLC (, and actively manages a portfolio through Ochoa Capital Management, LLC.

Frank specializes in leading edge indicators, including pivot-based tools, volume-based indicators, and price-based concepts.  He has traded in both discretionary and fully-automated trading environments, and has played an important role in the research and development of trading software, including the creation of advanced trading systems.

Frank has developed and deployed proprietary algorithms for private and institutional clients, and is the creator of the PivotBoss suite of indicators, including PivotBoss Pivots, PivotBoss Bands, and the Advanced ADR Indicator.

Frank is a leading trading educator and excels in teaching a range of topics, including Pivot-Based Analysis, Market Profile Analysis, Volume Profile Analysis, and Price-Based Analysis.  His methods have been adopted by traders all over the world, earning him a reputation of being a top educator in the field.

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