Nash, BJ


Trading Mastery: Techniques for Peak Performance



Saturday, June 1, 2013 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Our guest speaker for the Saturday, June 1st Denver Trading Group meeting will be BJ Nash, a trader and trading coach. BJ will demonstrate specific techniques for overcoming obstacles and for achieving peak performance in your trading as well as in other areas in your life.

If you're frustrated and disappointed with your trading, or you haven't yet reached your goals, BJ will offer advice to help, and he will introduce you to methods used by top traders, athletes and by other peak performers.

By attending the June 1st DTG workshop ("this will be much more than a presentation"...BJ), you will learn specific techniques that you can implement immediately to dramatically improve your trading.

You will learn that in order to Master Trading you MUST first Master Yourself! This means you MUST:

  • Master your thoughts
  • Master your emotions
  • Master your behavior


  • Understanding why you behave the way you do -- Awareness is the first step to change
  • Learn the "belief change model" to eliminate limiting beliefs and empower your belief system
  • The "Secret to Confidence" -- Learn the steps to achieve unshakable confidence
  • The "Secret to Discipline" -- Learn a dynamic technique to eliminate self-sabotaging and destructive behaviors
  • Learn how to eliminate "trading enemies" such as hesitation to enter, exiting too soon, not honoring stops, revenge trading and more
  • Eliminate "Inappropriate FEAR" when trading -- Learn the "fear buster", a highly effective technique to reduce or eliminate fear when trading

Plus numerous TIPS from 15 years of successful trading, including:

  • Rituals you can do before trading to move you into an optimal state
  • Maintaining a high level of focus and performance when trading
  • Eliminating negative self talk and emotions
  • Simple is most often better
  • Money Management - the hidden key to success

About Our Speaker

For 30 years BJ Nash's passion in life has been discovering how to be an elite performer, to create excellence and become the very best one could be. He studied everything he could find in the field of "human performance". He learned leading edge behavioral change techniques and studied extensively with Tony Robbins earning a Masters Certification in NLP. For years he was a highly respected performance coach yet when he began trading in 1995, as he say's "I fell flat on my face".

One day after blowing out his second account he realized it was time to end the insanity and asked himself a question that's had a major impact on his trading career.

"What's the difference between a trader that finds it so easy that money seems to flow to them while another continues to struggle and lose money"?

He devoted a year to modeling elite traders and discovered the "secrets to their success". He integrated what he learned to turn his own trading around and has since helped thousands of traders realize their own success.

BJ will share with you these "secrets of success" and take it a dynamic step further. You will learn proprietary techniques to realize quick, effective, positive results in your trading and any area of life you choose!

The competitive odds are always in favor of the prepared, the focused, and the committed; they will outperform, out-hustle, outplay you and take your money.

Mediocrity is a choice; it's not always made consciously, but it is still a choice. Decide right now to choose excellence over mediocrity.

Start setting higher standards - you have to begin expecting more from yourself - you have to raise the bar...

To learn more about taking your trading performance to the next level, be sure to attend this workshop, because... that's what it's going to be all about.

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 303.975.6446


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