Medeiros, Evan


Automated Tools to Help Make Smarter Trade Decisions



Thursday, April 5, 2018 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

There are 3 core questions every trader needs to ask themselves before they put on a trade in the market...

1. Is this the ideal market environment for my strategy/setup?
2. Am I confident this specific stock is one of the best available opportunities?
3. What is the exact amount of risk I should allocate to this trade?

Throughout this presentation, Evan is going to discuss why he believes these fundamental questions are some of the most important for active traders to spend time thinking about, and how he's developed a set of automated solutions to help answer them in a reliable and repeatable fashion.

Some of the topics Evan will discuss:

  • Understanding how the market environment impacts a trading strategy
  • Dynamic market exposure
  • Finding qualified leadership stocks
  • Multi-factor position sizing models

Speaker’s Bio

While his background is computer programming, Evan's real interest is the financial markets. He has been publicly writing about financial markets and sharing ideas since 2012.

Evan Medeiros has a B.S. Degree in Computer Science and formerly worked as a software developer and online poker no-limit hold'em grinder. Blending a systematic framework from his years writing code with the fast-paced decision making acquired on the poker tables, Evan ventured into financial markets in 2009 to pursue a career trading stocks.

>He began publicly journaling his trading experiences in 2012 which paved the way to starting his company, The Trade Risk, to inform and service others navigating markets.  Over the course of his time as a trader educator, he has helped hundreds of traders achieve better results.

Currently, Evan manages trading accounts for family and friends, offers premium trading services at The Trade Risk, and actively publishes research and market analysis on his blog. When he's not at his desk staring at charts, you can usually find him at a nearby coffee shop, or walking his not-always-friendly half lab, half retriever pup around the neighborhood.

Evan has organized monthly trader meetup groups all over the country for the past several years and has written close to 1,000 articles and recorded hundreds of hours of video on trading, market analysis, and education.  He has been identified by Stocktwits as a Suggested and Recommended follower.

  • Evan Medeiros has over 70,000 followers across social networks
  • Evan Medeiros co-founded and organized the Stocktwits Investors & Traders group in Boston, MA
  • Evan Medeiros currently organizes the Seattle Stocktwits Investors & Traders group.
  • Evan Medeiros is a contributor for
  • Evan Medeiros manages money for friends & family
  • @evanmedeiros is a verified account on Stocktwits
  • @evanmedeiros is part of the Stocktwits "suggested" stream
  • The Trade Risk is featured in the SparkFin app under "Curated By Pros" category
  • Evan Medeiros is a contributor for

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