McGough, Scott


Fundamentals of Technicals



Thursday, August 10, 2017 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

After researching the markets for several years, a friend of mine who was in the mortgage business met a man who traded futures contracts intraday. He sat with the trader at his home for 3 days and watched as he traded 200 ES contracts with almost 100 % accuracy...He died 30 days later after I received his trading plan but missing some details and for over 8 years of research have been putting all the pieces together...Price points, multiframe time charts, exact entries, volume, and indicators all confirming high probability Fundamental Setups...all setup on a laptop...This is my methodology. After listening to this webinar if you are interested in trading this method I offer one-on-one mentoring to ensure you fully understand the rules.

About Our Speaker

Trading for over 12 years as a full time career,  I have studied with dozens of teachers and a wide variety of trading plans and spent tens of thousands of dollars on methods that were not successful for me.  I started this endeavor after being very successful in the real estate acquisition markets, and decided to take the jump to trading the markets, not like Warren Buffet, but trading technical analysis methods to beat even the returns of the best of the best.  There is a closed fund called Renaissance Fund which hired the best mathematicians and Staticians in the world and were able to gain some years over 36 percent compounded yearly and that was trading to make billions of dollars, and that was my quest.

After several years into this endeavor I met with a friend of mine who sat with a trader who he had met by chance and become friends. The trader's name was Stan and he was a former teacher who traded over 10 years and initially lost his retirement fund of over 1/2 million dollars... However, one summer he finally put it all together and after that had made millions of dollars a year trading the S&P emini futures intraday with up to 200 contracts.  My friend spent 3 days with him and he made a total of $110,000 dollars trading in 2 days and one morning with only one losing trade... trading a 200k account... 

When he shared the plan with me, we were going to contact Stan because there were some unanswered questions that we had after reviewing and studying the notes and teaching he had given... 2 months later he died unexpectedly of cancer at 54 years of age so we were unable to pinpoint some missing pieces...I spent years working with some very bright minds. 

I will share my research with you over the past decade and hopefully you can extract some things that may help your trading efforts.  This method can be applied to either day trading and swing trading. If you follow the teaching you should make better trading decisions.... and understand that I make no guarantees express or implied... Trading is a risky business.  This is for informational purposes only.  I am not giving trading advice nor am I a licensed futures or equites trader...  I wish you the best in your endeavors and I hope this will help you.

Scott McGough

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Phone: 720.251.5280


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