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Discover How to Maximize Leverage, Minimize Risk & Never Get Stopped Out Again



Saturday, April 5, 2014 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Darrell Martin and Dan Cook present:

Most traders biggest challenge is how to effectively use leverage, while maintaining low risk, and not getting easily stopped out. Many traders never figure out the secret of how to do this.

Join Dan Cook from Nadex and Darrell Martin, a professional trader who has taught 1000's of traders, for a live webcast outlining how to solve this massive problem with one simple and effective day trading instrument.

  • Learn how to obtain more leverage than you thought possible
  • Find out how to apply this strategy with minimum risk
  • Discover the most critical elements to consider when choosing which spread to trade
  • Find out how to apply this trading technique to indices, commodities, and forex markets
  • Discover one method to not have to use a stop loss and not have your risk increase>/
  • Learn a second method to obtain massive leverage with defined risk so you never have to fear a flash crash again>/
  • Learn how get a 10 point or more stop loss while only risking a couple points or less
  • Easily apply this strategy to reduce getting stopped out of trades with a small or even large move against you
  • Find out how to apply this strategy with minimum risk
  • Discover the most critical elements to consider when choosing which spread to hedge your futures and forex contracts
  • Find out how to apply this hedge strategy to indices, commodities, and forex markets


About Our Speaker


Darrell Martin, Founder of Apex Investing Institute,, coined the phrase "diagnostic trading." He defines "diagnostic trading" as examining how fundamental investors, technical investors, statistical investors, and seasonal investors look at the market and then use that knowledge to accurately establish a trading plan. With over 10 years of trading experience he has worked with programmers to develop tools that cover price, volume, speed, seasonality, and statistical moves all into one simple trading toolkit. His simple diagnostic bars remove the noise out of the market; he uses a pattern that defines the exact entry and exit prices on futures, forex, stocks, and implied volatility, to generate his deviation levels that feed directly into Ninjatrader, so he knows the exact pivots in the market each day. Darrell is the creator of the "Nadex Spread and Binary Analyzer" and is the host of "The Diagnostic Trading Hour" live daily show. He also conducts live training courses futures, forex, stocks, Nadex binaries and Nadex spreads. His site has over 300 hours of free educational content, free trading tools, access to trading rooms and more.



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