Lackey, Richard


The Power of Predictive Technology in the Market: What will you do when you can see the future?



Tuesday, July 24, 2018 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

Richard Lackey discovered he had a capacity for recognizing patterns at the age of 15, and began trading equities, then options, and futures during his university years.  For more than two decades now, Richard has worked and traded on a system for recognizing thousands of patterns that are repetitive and/or predictive of other patterns or market changes.  This methodology is now considered cutting edge artificial intelligence for markets, though he has used it professionally for years.

He has now combined the multiple stages of the technology to produce charts that show the dynamic forward trend of the market making it easy to see where things are headed, and to manage position sizes much more easily than traditional methods.

*This software used only by a small group of professionals to date will now be offered to webinar attendees for 60 days FREE.

During this July 24th (Tuesday) training from Richard Lackey, you will learn:

  • Process to assess the "pressure" in the market that gives you bigger wins and smaller losses
  • How to easily determine position size based on a quick visual chart assessment
  • To leverage knowledge of the future to stay in good trades longer without getting chopped up, and to exit trades where risk is increasing faster than profit potential.

Richard Lackey has leveraged his success to found the World Food Bank where he is working with country leaders to build efficient agricultural value chains with a goal of lifting millions out of poverty. What will you do once you know the future?

Note: Richard will host additional training/support calls every two weeks during the beta trial to help you get the most out of what you have learned and to put this technology to the test.

Speaker’s Bio

Mr. Richard Lackey is a serial entrepreneur with a unique background that includes several years in emergency medical response and medical missions, as well as almost three decades as an active trader and fund manager.

He has appeared as an expert in the field in magazines, on radio and television, and is the bestselling author of Radical Response: Free Market Solutions to Global Crises.

Mr. Lackey is the Founder and Managing Director of Predictive Technologies International (PTI) & Abundantli™
(2004-present) & (2016-present)

What if you could predict the future? PTI is so close its scary. Launched in partnership with a former CBOT trader and a Navy/NASA scientist we predict in chart form the forward trend in stock, bond, and commodity markets with high levels of accuracy. This technology is being used to create an automated 'robo-advisor' for benevolently minded investors.

Mr. Lackey is also currently the Principal and Managing Director of Greatwater Investment Management (Greatwater Fund, LP) (2008-present)

Mr. Lackey has held eight different securities licenses spanning equity, options and futures markets. He has served as the Managing Director for five private funds. His expertise in emergency response management as well as the inefficiencies of markets led him along with a world-class team of experts to create the World Food Bank, an innovative platform that brings together stakeholders in an integrated value chain that is efficient and scalable. Mr. Lackey believes the World Food Bank may be the catalyst for creating global food security, while lifting more than a billion people from poverty.

Mr. Lackey has authored three books on technical analysis and investment management and is a co-developer of the market prediction software, PTI. In addition to leading the World Food Bank, he regularly consults for startup companies needing innovative solutions, marketing direction, or board leadership.

Selected Achievements:
Increased Market Value of Global Food Exchange by 295% in 3 years:
Structured marketplace for extended-shelf-life commodities that allow small hold farmers to safely store excess grains and pulses for sale in rising markets, reducing post-harvest loss and improving financial strength of participants. 2016 contract with government of Ethiopia promises $380 mm USD in new revenue.

Strong Growth in Assets Under Management:
As CEO of ETS Capital Management, identified a global calendar arbitrage that consistently earned 3%+ per month for almost three years resulting in asset growth of more than $160 mm USD.

Turnaround of Hotel Business:
Purchased a failing hotel (ranked #28 of 48) and rebranded the facility, redesigned business model, renovated interiors and exteriors into #1 hotel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Repeated the model with a restaurant two years later.

Professional History:
Managing Director, Greatwater Investment Management, Inc.
Founder, Global Food Exchange™, Ltd (www.GlobalFoodExchange.Org)
Founder, Global Food Share, Inc. (
CEO, Predictive Technologies International, Inc.

Present Board Positions:
BIFAD (Advisory to USAID) Board for International Food and Agriculture Development
Chair, World Food Bank
Board, River Conference
Board, Colorado Uplift
Board, Equity Roots

Most recent speaking engagements:
EACC (East Africa Chamber of Commerce (Keynote Speaker: 2017)
U.N. IDO (IDAA 3) International Development of African Agriculture at UN (2017)
BIFAD (Board for International Food and Agriculture Development) 2018
Devex World 2018

Radical Response, (Amazon Bestseller, Dec 2014)
Wall Street's Ten Greatest Myths, 2004, McGraw-Hill
Technical Analysis for Traders, 1998, Independent Traders Press
Trading the 50% Rule, 1999, Independent Traders Press

2010 Cornell University: Hotel Finance and Management
1989 University of Georgia: Bachelors Marketing and Management

Securities Licenses:
Registered Securities Representative (Series 7)
Blue Sky (Series 63)
Registered Securities Principal (Series 24)
Registered Equity Trader (Series 55)
Registered Commodity and Futures Representative (Series 3)
Registered Options Principal (Series 4)
Registered Commodity and Futures Branch Manager (Series 30)

Medical Licenses:
Advanced EMT/Surgical Assistant/PADI Rescue Diver/Adv.
Pediatric Life Support/Adv. Trauma Life Support/Advanced
Cardiac Life Support/Instructor: ACLS/BTLS/PLS

Speaker’s Contact Info

(720) 313-2536
During the webinar Richard gave a different email address for the free trial. If you want to signup for the free trial, email richard at and include the following info:
First name, Last name
Your email address
Password (9 digits, include a special character)


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