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Insights from 40+ Years of Trading Automation Research



Tuesday, October 4, 2016 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

In this live webinar on Tuesday, October 4th, Joe Krutsinger will feature his latest research updates and conclusions as a mechanical trading strategy developer for the past 4 decades!

Specifically, Joe will cover:

  • Can a Robust Trading Strategy be Defined?
  • Components That Make a Strategy MORE Robust
  • What I Like to See in Every Strategy I Evaluate
  • Examples of Strategies that Fit these Criteria
  • How Automation Works for BOTH NinjaTrader and TradeStation Platforms
  • Bottom Line: Why Consider Mechanical Trading in the First Place!!

This will be a live interactive webinar.  Bring your questions to tap Joe's broad range of experience in all major aspects of Automated Mechanical Trading.

About Our Speaker

Joe Krutsinger began his futures and options career over forty years ago with Conti Commodity.  He has worked in almost every facet of the trading industry and continues to be a prolific developer of trading systems.
Joe has developed proprietary trading programs for numerous clients and brokerage firms.  He now works directly with clients and brokerage firms designing custom trading systems.

Joe began his career as a futures trading broker in 1976 and a system design consultant in 1989. He continues to this day as a consultant with traders on how to develop systems using state of the art system automation software.   He recently added the NinjaTrader Platform to his arsenal of tools for automation.

Joe was recognized as the Outstanding Senior in Food Systems, Economics, and Management from Michigan State University in 1973.  A featured speaker and teacher at seminars and meetings worldwide,  he co-authored THE COMMODITY COOKBOOK: RECIPES TRADING, LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS.  (This was the 1990 book of the year, the 1990 Supertrader's almanac-Calendar Edition).  Joe has also been featured in the Future's Learning center three video course, TRADING SYSTEMS 101,102, and 103.

Joe Krutsinger's books include:  THE TRADINGSYSTEMS TOOLKIT (was the Fortune Book Club Selection) and his book,  TRADING SYSTEMS-SECRETS, OF THE MASTERS, published by McGraw-Hill in 1977, has been highly rated.  His newest book, TRADING SYSTEM SECRETS, SELECTING A WINNING SYSTEM, is in paperback.

Joe has consulted with world class traders including:  Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein, and Bruce Babcock.  Joe owns Block No. 1 for TradeStation (the first TradeStation ever delivered) and was one of the first beta testers of that professional trading software platform.  He has given over 200 lectures.  His systems have been featured in several journals including  TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF STOCKS AND COMMODITIES  and FUTURES Truth  (which selected his system as the #1 Stock Trading system in the country in 2003!)

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 573.224.3366



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