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The Secret of Volume Profile



Thursday, May 18, 2017 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

This webinar will be about how important that a market's Volume is to trading well. Simon Jousef will cover how he graduated from tape reading to volume reading and will share his unique & powerful way to read the markets volume.
Simon focuses on bigger moves with smaller stops. He looks at many markets including Forex Pairs, Futures such as CL, NQ, ES, YM, GC, Softs, Agricultural, Metals, etc. 

About Our Speaker

About Simon Townshend

Simon Townshend is a well known industry expert and has been trading since the early 1980s. 

During the horrible low volatility markets witnessed so far this year, a period in which almost every trader has been losing money, he was astonished to meet someone who was banking ticks in large quantities virtually every day!

The source of this success was a Secret Volume Profile method being used by another Simon, Simon Jousef of The Trader Institute. Simon T was so impressed with the results that in April he became a partner and is on a mission to put this formula into the hands of as many traders as possible!

Join Simon T as he introduces you to:

  • His personal experience of using these trades even in the worst of market conditions
  • The man behind these astonishing results and how they joined forces
  • How he is reshaping The Trader Institute and the last chance ever to get life membership

 About Simon Jousef

Simon Jousef is a registered CTA, the CEO of the Trader Institute and the architect of this breakthrough strategy.

He has been trading since 2001 and educating students since 2004.

Simon J always felt that volume held hidden secrets and one day decided to lock himself away to study it until he could crack the code, which he certainly did.

The result was a strategy which has proven to perform virtually every day, whether market conditions are good, bad or downright ugly!

Join Simon J as he introduces you to:

  • His hidden support and resistance levels that allow him to risk only 5 - 15 ticks
  • How he manages trades to eliminate risk in just minutes
  • How almost every day he finds a runner that pays big, from just a handful of trades

What others have to say about Simon Jousef:

"Been a fund manager myself for the past 8 Years. . . If you learn to trade and to analyze the markets the way Simon teaches, you will find yourself among the elite . . . Do NOT believe all the crap  . . . Simon is the real deal. Make no mistake about it. I cannot say enough about this team Simon has built and what he has done over the years for traders."

Marc Abramsky, Student

"A big Thank you to you and the Team. I completed my TopstepTrader 50k Combine. I traded only CL on 1-3 contracts and completed it in 17 days. They then asked me to perform what they call Funded Trader Preparation which asks that you hit $1500 in a minimum of 10 days and a max of 60 days on no more than 2 contracts. I completed this in 10 days. Thanks again for all the education and discipline you teach."--Laurence M.

"Simon could rule the exchange pits. . . Simon and his system has no peers. Can you make a case for someone to be as good (a trader)? OF COURSE . . . .better NO!"

Jim Hough - Ex-Pit Trader Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME trading badge was J-HUF

Speaker's Contact Info

Simon Jousef: 519.766.8083



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