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An Important Secret in the Volume Ladder - All Traders Must be Aware of! Reading the Tape: Trade with Precision What if you Knew Where Price is Going?



Saturday, June 2, 2012 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Our guest speaker for the June 2nd DTG meeting will be Simon Jousef from Ontario, Canada.

This will be special seminar as Simon Jousef, CTA, will be sharing his trading methods with the Denver Trading Group for FREE (the regular cost is over $3,000), and all will receive an invitation to his LTR (live trading room).

A few years ago, Simon Jousef discovered certain numbers which are called brackets in the volume ladder that will attract the market back to them like magnets! Trading those brackets is a fantastic edge:

Watch this video before coming to the DTG Meeting (8'40")

Simon's presentation on tape reading will cover the following:

  • What is A.C.E. method (Anticipate, Confirm, and Execute)?
  • What is the Donchian channel and how do we use it to anticipate market's move.
  • Pivots, Fibonacci numbers, EMAs, Elliott Wave, Bollinger bands, CCI, etc.
    • Are they self-fulfilling prophecies?
    • How do we know whi3h one the market will honor?
  • Isn't it time to learn how to confirm your trades with volume?
  • What are the dangers of trading without honoring the market's pressure points?
  • What is the TAPE?
  • Learn how to read the tape and confirm your entries, exits, and stop losses.

There are times when traders will start to doubt their method and they may even begin to look in the wrong places for quick fixes, only to make matters worse. Why do traders look for a new system when what they have is good enough? It might be they need to learn to read the tape and start trading with precision.

The strategies Simon will be presenting are ideal for use in crude, gold, Russell, silver, Mini S&P, Dow, Nasdaq and the currency futures markets.

About Our Speaker

Jousef lists the following accomplishments:

  • 12 years in trading and 7 years in educating
  • Licensed CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) with NFA
  • Funds Manager and developer of SDTS and V2 auto trading systems
  • Developer of the A.C.E. trading method and TAPE reading
  • Developer of News trading method and the Auto Clicker
  • Developer of the "PriceMagnet" Indicator

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 519.766.8083


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