Heitkoetter, Markus


Backtest Strategies Without Writing a Line of Code and two more



Saturday, April 6, 2013 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

"Backtest Strategies the Right Way without Writing a Line of Code"
"My Personal Trading Strategies" and
"An Innovative Way to Trade Futures"

Our guest speaker for the Saturday, April 6th, Denver Trading Group meeting will be Markus Heitkoetter from Austin, Texas. Markus will present the following 3 topics for traders.

Session 1: How to backtest trading strategies the right way without programming a single line of code

This is a MUST ATTEND session for all traders. It doesn't matter whether you develop and trade your own strategies, trade the Rockwell Strategies or trade a strategy that you got somewhere else: You MUST test your strategy.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 5 reasons why you must test a strategy
  • The 3 ways to test a strategy
  • How to read a performance report
  • The 5 key numbers you MUST know
  • How to backtest without writing a single line of code

Session 2: What works now

No doubt: The markets are crazy! Gold is falling within a few days by $100, the stock indices are crawling lower and the Euro is bouncing up and down like a jojo. What's the best way to trade these markets?

In this session you will learn:

  • The exact trading strategies I use to trade these markets
  • How to benefit from up and down swings in the markets
  • How to reduce your risk
  • My 6 favorite markets to trade
  • ... and more.

Markus will show the strategies that he uses in his personal trading:

  • Strategy #1: The Simple Strategy
    • This strategy is perfect for trending markets. It has a reward/risk ratio of 1 : 1.5 and can be traded on a variety of markets. This is my favorite strategy, and you can learn it in less than 30 minutes. You gonna love it
  • Strategy #2: The Boomerang Strategy
    • This strategy allows you to enter into an existing trend and take advantage of a quick pullback move. You can trade it in addition to The Simple Strategy or when you missed an entry according to the Simple Strategy. This strategy has been working great lately
  • Strategy #3: The Ping Pong Strategy
    • This strategy is perfect for a sideways market. And as you know, there are often times when you are waiting for a trend and the market is just trading in a narrow range. Most traders shy away from sideways markets, but with this strategy you will be able to trade while others are sitting on the sidelines, and run circles around other trader
  • Strategy #4: The Seahawk Strategy
    • This is a scalping strategy. It's very popular, because you are trade this strategy in trending and in sideways markets. When using this strategy, your goal is to make small, but consistent profits in the markets. It's one of my favorite strategies.

Session 3: Futures Spread Trading

Very few traders know about the fascinating worlds of futures spread trading, and shot who do prefer to keep it a secret.

In this session you will learn:

  • What are futures spreads?
  • What are the best markets to trade?
  • How to time spread trading entries and exits using "backwardation" and "contango"
  • How to identify trades with extremely high probabilities of being profitable
  • How to leg in and out of spreads for maximum profits
  • ... and more.

Markus will show an innovative way to trade futures. Over the last several weeks the markets have been extremely "choppy" causing many traders to get stopped out of positions only to see the market move in their direction after they are out. Markus will demonstrate an innovative way to trade the futures markets that can help offset the "choppiness effect".

About Our Speaker

Heitkoetter has shared his trading methods and ideas with more than 300,000 traders in over 196 countries.

Markus started trading stocks 19 years ago, using point and figure charts from published numbers in the morning newspaper.

In 1996, he began developing a number of trading systems and in 2002, decided to leave his job as a director at IBM to become a professional trader.

Throughout his career, Markus has traded virtually everything from stocks, options, futures, commodities, spreads, forex, and interest rates.

In addition, he is the author of the bestselling book "The Complete Guide To Day Trading" and is a regular speaker at Trading Expos and CMEGroup sponsored events.
His articles and videos are published on, major publications, and thousands of websites around the world.


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