Guerriere, Nick


The 'GANNacci Code': Identifying High Probability Trade Setups



Saturday, May 12, 2012 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

The goal of any professional trader is to develop a trading strategy that consistently produces successful results with a level of confidence that insulates him or herself from both the emotional and financial discomfort that is so frequently associated with trading the markets. After 20 years of trading, research, data analysis and testing, that is exactly what head trader Nick Guerriere has done. He calls it the "Gannacci Code".

Educated as a financial analyst, Nick has always been obsessed with quantifying the relationship between price action and market structure. Once convinced of the relevance of Fibonacci ratios, he drew upon 80 plus years of data to refine a strategy to enter trades, set risk and maximize profit objectives.

"I wanted something that stood the test of time so I could trade with confidence and no emotion" Nick Guerriere

What Nick found is that there was an undeniable quantitative relationship between Gann calculations and Fibonacci ratios that literally changed his entire outlook on trading. Used in conjunction with a strict set of rules he began producing a level of success at a minimum of risk that he had never before experienced in his trading career.

Nick then set out to refine his process of manually performing these calculations into a simple point and click function that sits on the dashboard of your trading platform. The development of this tool eliminates the assiduous preparation Nick would spend hours on to prove out just one trade. There is a bonafide argument to be made that this tool makes possible for the first time any practical method to utilize a Gann formula intraday. It all but eliminates the guesswork and miscalculation of selecting the exact entry point and targets.

The ultimate goal of being able to train fellow traders has now been realized with the introduction of the Gannacci Elite Training Course. Part of your course is actually "good old fashion quantitative analysis": The real root of knowing and confidence. Students are taught to prove out price behavior. There is a profound transformation in Nick's students once they are able to mathematically quantify the probability of market behavior at specific areas throughout the trade. Itchy trigger fingers are replaced with sound trade management and the patience to allow trades to fully reach their optimum price objectives. Nick defines a professional trader as men and women that do the hard work to ensure success. He does not confuse full time traders with professional traders. He insists they are not the same. "Real learning only takes place when you're actually doing the work". "Parrots can speak the words but don't understand what they are saying".

During your time with Nick he will cover step by step, rule by rule the trade set-ups he uses everyday in his live trade room.

Nick will also teach the following:


  • Market Structure and Trend
  • Fibonnacci Retracements and Extensions
  • Gann Price and Time Squaring
  • Gann 1 Swing Squaring
  • Gann 2 Swing Squaring
  • Gann Squaring the Range
  • Gann Time by Degrees
  • The Gannacci Tools: Ground breaking Technology streamlines process.
  • Trade Entries
  • Trailing Stops
  • Trading Stop Rules and Targets
  • Trade Plan Discipline (RULES)
  • Risk Management and why Scalpers almost never win. The truth about risk reward ratios
  • Psychology Before, During, and After the Trade


In the final part of Nick's presentation, he will request attendee participation. You will be encouraged to actually challenge The GANNacci Code. You can ask Nick to work up trades in the markets of your choice from any time period over the last ninety years. You'll be able to see exactly how the Gannacci Code works, the speed and simplicity of the tool's and their degree of accuracy. You will be amazed!

As an added take away Nick will show you a trade set-up supported by ninety years of data that has an absolute 80% plus probability ratio of reaching it target.

About Our Speaker

Our guest speaker is Nick Guerriere from Chicago.
Nick Guerriere was a financial analyst for twelve years right out of college. This work involved dealing with mutual fund mangers of just about every major asset class. As time went on Nick's love for the markets grew and so did his passion for market analysis. He began to study everything he could get his hands on.

Nick then moved his family to Chicago, where he started his trading career at Eagle Market Makers as the risk manager overseeing all of the firms capital and risk. While at Eagle Market Makers Nick went to the CBOT Trading floor. Primarily in the Grain Markets: Wheat, Corn and Soybeans.

Nick became a trader at Iowa Grain, and then later at Kottke Trading.

Nick is the Founder of the GANNacci Code and head trader at Windy City Traders. He currently oversees a daily trading room where students can gain experience and learn watching Nick apply the Gannacci Code trading strategy in real time with live trading.

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 847.331.7867


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