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Trading Chaos Pullback and Bounce Workshop



Thursday, October 21, 2021 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

During our upcoming webinar on October 21st with our guest, Jeff Greenblatt, you will learn an incredibly accurate and precise way to buy pullbacks and sell bounces. You will also be shown how to get stopped out less frequently.

  • Have you ever said to yourself after a good move went without you, “I wish I could’ve figured out the move was going to happen on a timely basis?” You will learn how the relationship of one leg to the next using price and time greatly increases your edge.
  • Most Elliott wave and Fibonacci style traders only know how to trade the 38, 50, 61 and 78% retracements. These retracements appear only 40% of the time. Most traders will pass on retracements that are different from these values and miss incredible trades.
  • The universe of numerical values will be opened and revealed so you can make yourself available to many opportunities you are not currently seeing. You will be shown how to recognize and identify when you have your greatest edge The bottom line is most numbers can be great retracement levels. This can be applied to intraday and swing trading.
  • You will learn how strange attractors which are magnets to the price action line up with advanced level Andrews channels as well as trend lines to create very high probability turns. Strange attractors are the pivots which act as magnets to attract the price action and then repel it, creating the move.
  • For swing and position traders you will be shown how each day of the year has a specific vibration and when the price action lines up with the calendar, excellent swing and position opportunities materialize.
  • You will learn what risks in the pattern are coming against you, so you’ll get stopped out fewer times.
  • We will show you how your brain is wired and how you can psychologically prepare yourself for success by using neuro linguistic programming.
  • He is taking you beyond what he taught at his master class at the NY Traders Expo. You will be taught the practice of replication which is the most accurate method of buying pullbacks and selling rally bounces. Replication is how certain number values repeat in a pattern. When certain relationships appear, the pullback or bounce terminates to create the next impulse wave. You will be taught how to recognize high probability opportunities you currently unaware of.

By the time this webinar is over you will be exposed to a form of chaos work which goes well beyond anything taught in the Fibonacci and Elliott communities. You will learn how the market sets up and what truly drives the better moves when price and time line up. You will be shown a very effective strategy for buying dips and selling bounces. This works on everything from a 1-minute chart all the way up to daily/weekly time frames and can be used for stocks, commodities, futures and forex.

Most traders try to put the market in a box or impose their will on it. That doesn't work! You will learn to renew your thinking to flow with the market in a chaos theory nonlinear state. Bill Williams stated that the holy grail of markets is to "want what the market wants". He is partially correct. The true holy grail of financial markets is replication. When you realize how numbers repeat to form good pullbacks and bounces, you will be making yourself available to the numerous opportunities the market offers every day which you are missing.

Speaker’s Bio

Jeff Greenblatt is the author of "Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market, Charting Elliott Wave, Lucas, Fibonacci, Gann and Time for Profit" from Wiley.

Jeff is the Director of Lucas Wave International and editor of Fibonacci Forecaster, a market letter and coach to traders for the past 14 years, and an active trader for many years.

He specializes in trading strategies using Fibonacci and Gann cycles for short term trading, as well as forecasting long term market conditions. The market letter covers stocks, futures, precious metals, forex and commodities.

Jeff has been a regular contributor to Futures/Modern Trader magazine the past 10 years and recently came on board as a weekly contributor to He has appeared at numerous trading conferences over the years, and most recently taught a master class at the New York Traders Expo.

He has also appeared on 1510 KFNN financial news radio in Phoenix, Commodity Classics TV and the Larry Pesavento show on the TFNN network. Jeff has published additional articles in Your Trading Edge, The Trader's Journal and Traders' Magazine.

Jeff has an undergraduate degree in business from Cal State Northridge and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife.

Speaker’s Contact Info

(602) 626-5830


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