Gibby, Dan


Top Technical Patterns for Trading Stocks & Options



Thursday, December 17, 2020 14:30 MST » 16:30 EST

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Detailed Agenda

Successful trading is all about finding high-probability setups, properly entering and managing them, and then having the discipline and patience to follow your trading plan.

Master Trader teaches many top technical patterns for swing trading stocks and options.

Learn our top powerful setups and how to trade the best-looking ones, which apply to any time frame, and any tradable instrument.

In this power-packed presentation, you will learn:

  • Our top technical setups for incredibly reliable profits
  • The psychology of the patterns and how they are being created with supply and demand
  • How to use Multiple Time Frame (MTF) alignment to perfect entry and other Master Trader concepts to increase the odds
  • How to objectively manage trades on any time frame using our Pivots for Exist guidelines 
  • How to trade options around these compelling technical patterns using directional and income strategies

Speaker’s Bio

Dan possesses more than 25 years' experience in equity and options trading, with expertise in technical analysis, using options to hedge and speculate, and portfolio/asset management.

With an extensive knowledge of U.S. market micro-structure, high-volume intraday trading, finance, and general business concepts, Dan acted as Head of Corporate Proprietary Trading for a global principal trading firm of equities and futures for nine years which grew to over 100 offices and 1,500 traders globally, with trading volumes exceeding three billion shares/month.

Among other management duties, he created and maintained all educational content on trading, provided technical direction to the firm's worldwide traders, and managed the firm's proprietary trading account and option layover strategies which generated significant additional income.

Dan formed Master Trader with Greg Capra, founder of and pioneer of online trading using technical analysis, to provide education and advisory services to stock and option traders globally, as well as consult for money managers and high net worth investors.

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