Fullett, Gary


Reading the Tape Based on the Wyckoff Principle of Effort vs Result



Thursday, May 9, 2019 13:30 MDT » 15:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

In our May 9th webinar, Gary Fullett will discuss how to read the tape based on the Wyckoff Principle of "Effort vs. Result".  He will illustrate when to liquidate a trade, as well as when to initiate a trade.

Volume and price aren't always created equally.  Gary will show where and when volume and price matters, and where and when price and volume is much less important in making trading decisions.

Trading equity is the lifeline of your trading account.  If you want to learn to trade at the edge, and NOT have money sit idle or sit in a trade that may lead to an unnecessary loss, you need to learn to trade with the Wyckoff style.

Reading of the tape is as old as the markets but very few truly understand this art.    Gary will present the art of reading the tape without using tricks or gimmicks, and identify areas where large commercial and institutional interests are ready to mark-up or mark-down prices.

NOTE: Time of 3:30 PM EDT is correct. We changed the time to accommodate Gary's schedule.

Speaker’s Bio

Gary Fullett started in commodities in 1981, first as a runner then later earning a seat on the CME. He has seen order flows from large and small clients and understands the mechanisms and functions that the market serves.

He is an expert in the classical Richard Wyckoff methodology. In 1985 he performed Wyckoff technical analysis for Monroe Trout and for C&D Commodities, which worked with Richard Dennis of the Turtle Trader fame.

Gary owns a commodity brokerage firm which is dedicated to education of Wyckoff principles and helping traders with tape reading and understanding how markets truly work.

He has taught classical Wyckoff since 1995 to thousands of students with live trading webinars and one-on-one mentoring. He has also taught at Wyckoff seminars with David Weis, Gary Dayton, Galvin Holmes, and other Wyckoff experts.

Gary teaches traders how to utilize Wyckoff principles every trading day on where he provides FREE Webinars on Wyckoff Principles, a commodity brokerage mentoring newsletter, and education based on his 37 years in the business.

Join him on his site for daily market commentary in a live trade room. He lectures in the public section of the website on Sunday nights at 8 pm Chicago time along with a Free stock night chat during the week.

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