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Managing Your Portfolio with the Greeks and Debit Spreads for Profit and The Quintessential Trend Following Strategy



Saturday, April 7, 2012 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Our guest speaker for the April 7th DTG meeting will be Mark Espy.  Mark was one of the featured speakers at the Denver Trading Forum sponsored by Traders Library last October.  We had several requests to schedule Mark for a presentation to the Denver Trading Group.  So, on April 7th, Mark's three topics will be:

1.  Managing Your Portfolio with the Greeks

Are you aware of the composition of your portfolio in terms of risk/reward as it relates to direction, time and volatility.  The Greeks is a "Dashboard" of information and you need to know how to read it to consistently stay on course with your trading.  It is in fact your GPS system to help you arrive at your destination profitably.  Mark will review the Greeks and their application.


  • Defining The Greeks
  • The Greeks - Portfolio Risk and Reward
  • When Delta Neutral is not necessarily Neutral
  • Matching market expectation and strategy diversification with the Greeks
  • Table Project - Applying the Greeks to Your Trading


 2.  Debit Spreads for Profit

Debit Spreads can allow leveraged participation in directional moves along with the ability to create income, reduce volatility and position cost.  One can adjust the spread as necessary to further optimize or protect the position.  These trades can produce impressive gains with defined risk.  Mark will take you through some of his favorite set ups for this trade strategy as well as their most common adjustments.


  • Debit Spreads Defined
  • Recognizing Debit Spread Opportunities
  • Debit Spread Adjustments
  • Table Project - Practical application of Debit Spreads


 3.  The Quintessential Trend Following Strategy "Trading the Cycle"

Every trader should have a core strategy in their toolkit and this is Mark's.  Some of the most successful traders in our profession are "Trend Followers".  This approach to Trend Following provides the ability to protect your position yet allow the opportunity to participate in those long sustainable emerging trends that can produce attractive gains.


  • Selecting a Solid Stock
  • A High Probability Entry
  • Reducing Your Risk
  • Trade with the market and Win and do it over again!
  • Table Project - Let's Build a Winning Trade


Note: The table projects are designed to embed the material through hands on group activity. The exercises will be short yet powerful lessons so you can actually implement what you have learned into your trading.

We all are concerned about Geo-political events and how those events could effect the equilibrium of world and more specifically our trading accounts. We can quickly succumb to fear and greed when trading and it would be very easy to exit the market and simply remove risk. For some of us, this may be the answer. However, we don't make money when we are out of the market.  Mark will share a strategy that will allow you to position yourself for profit yet protect you from disastrous events and their systemic effect on the markets should they materialize.  You will want to see what Mark has to say because whether you admit it or not, this issue is on the mind of most serious traders.

About Our Speaker

Mark has been trading the stock market since 1999 and gravitated toward options and spread trading in 2004.

In 2008 he co-founded, an online stock and options education company where he was Vice President of Education. He was editor-in-chief of a 40 lesson on-demand curriculum and was the primary presenter, author and producer of weekly live coaching webinars. Prior to his involvement with MarketTamer, Mark spent 25 years in the financial services industry where he built a highly successful insurance network producing 75 million a year in annualized premium.

Mark was also co-founder and primary author of stock market commentary and chart analysis on the blog, named one of the top 50 stock market blogs on the internet in 2010 by Mark has been a regular webinar presenter at and and is a syndicated author on stock and options trading. His chart analysis appeared weekly at, one of the most popular stock market websites on the internet.

Mark is launching a new stock market education website where he will be providing live webinars, personal tutoring, on-demand video lessons and chart analysis.

Mark has been married 31 years to his wife Diane and they have two children Kristen and Jake.


Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 303.204.5141



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