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How to Find Stocks Ready for Lift Off



Thursday, June 6, 2019 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

When this June 6th webinar is over, you'll know the only 4 chart formations you will ever need to know, as well as 3 stocks picks with an excellent chance of moving up very soon.

You will Learn:

  • The 4 Best Chart Patterns for short term trading
  • 3 Stocks that are poised to breakout soon
  • What is the World's Greatest Indicator.
  • How to spot stocks right BEFORE they rocket higher.

***Eddie Z will be giving away a Special Bonus that is worth $2997 to one lucky stock trader!  BUT, of course, you need to attend the webinar to win!

Speaker’s Bio

Russ Hazelcorn, better known as "Eddie Z", is a full-time day trader, educator, and total computer geek. He is the creator of, an educational website focused on teaching traders exactly how to day trade and swing trade US equities (stocks). The EZBreakout Method focuses on teaching students from the bottom up, via step-by-step instruction, as well as top down, by giving students Eddie Z's top 10 stock picks that have the highest probability of a breakout the next day, and letting them reverse engineer the selection process. This unique teaching style results in a much higher student rate of success.

Eddie Z is also the founder of EZ Trading Computers (, the industry leader in high-powered trading computers for traders of all markets. He founded EZ Trading Computers to achieve a single goal: "Educate fellow traders on trading technology and offer them the highest quality computers at the lowest prices possible with the best customer service."

Eddie Z has had a lifetime of experience in the financial markets. His father was a commodities future trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). From the time he was five years old, his father would take him to work. Even in the 1970s, before computerized trading, he was mesmerized by all the people huddled in the trading pit screaming and getting very carried away. Interest in trading started in his teens, when his dad taught him how to draw point-and-figure charts by hand with pencil and graph paper. His first full-time job on Wall Street started in 1987 on the floor of the NYMEX, the very first Monday after he graduated high school.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Eddie Z had a 17-year career as a licensed stockbroker. Now he enjoys trading his own accounts exclusively. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from Penn State and an MBA from Lehigh University, but he attributes real-world, in-the-trenches experiences to some of his greatest learning.

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