Diessbacher, Andreas


An Introduction to Managed Futures



Thursday, March 9, 2017 14:30 MST » 16:30 EST

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Detailed Agenda:

Most investors have a portfolio of Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate. There is, however, another whole asset class out there which is being overlooked by most investors:  Alternative Investments and more specifically "Managed Futures". This webinar will provide an introduction to Managed Futures.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Different asset classes and Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Difference between Hedge Funds and Managed Futures
  • Advantages of Managed Futures
  • Andreas will give an explanation of his trading style
  • Trading volatility and probability with real live trades

About Our Speaker

Andreas Diessbacher is principal and trader for White River Group. His education focused on vital elements of commodity trading ranging from statistics, probability theory and global financial markets. After completing his studies at Germany's Fachhochschule, he moved to the United Kingdom where he furthered his studies at Coventry University. At Coventry University, Andreas received his B.A. in Business Studies with honors. His honors project reflected his main interest and passion: "An Evaluation of Option Pricing Models".

In 1998 he began his professional career as a commodities broker. He utilized his educational training in the markets and began honing his options and futures trading skills. A good part of his professional learning experience occurred at Refco where he oversaw over 1000 accounts and carefully observed how traders made, lost and preserved money.  This experience helped him select what he believed were the optimal strategies for option trading and risk management, and he formulated his own proprietary option writing trading strategy that he has used with clients for years.

>Around nine years later, Mr. Diessbacher started his CTA White River Group for retail investors.

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 312.612.1080



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