Dayne, Robin


The E-S-P of Trading, Essentials for Success



Thursday, November 7, 2019 13:30 MST » 15:30 EST

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Detailed Agenda

Are you challenged by?

  • Set-up criteria that don't seem work
  • Emotional stress with every trade
  • Inability to recover from losses quickly

Join Robin's webinar on November 7th as she uncovers the (3) primary areas a trader needs, gathered from the observations of 28 years of coaching thousands of traders. She pin-points the three common trading practices they have in common to succeed. The insights into these areas allows all traders to compare and insure they're incorporate in a trading plan those items that have the potential to increase results.

Regardless of your strategy, these components provide a foundation that is flexible for any trading environment and has withstood the test of time.

In the last decade the dynamics of trading has been altered, new technologies, high-frequency trading, changes in regulation and the globalization of markets resulting in increased volatility. The individual trader has to be "on their game" at all times and keep up in these primary areas.

It's not just a good system, but a strong foundation mix of emotional management, solid criteria and a process for recovery, that are the essence of an overall plan. Even a small change can result in a 10% increase in results.

The presentation covers the three-foundation areas and include:

  • The key emotions all traders face and how to manage.
  • How to define a personal trade set-up that generates results and maintains flexibility to grow and change.
  • Covers key strategies for turning short-term and bigger losses.
  • Highlights specific execution areas to improve results
  • Measuring strengths to keep and weakness to remove
  • Open Q&A

Robin wants this webinar to have value to join her and submit your trading question prior to Nov. 7  She will work to incorporate the specific answers into the webinar. (Please submit detailed questions Nov. 5th).

Speaker’s Bio

Robin Dayne is a Trader, Coach and Educator with 28 years of experience in the financial community - and is a "Fear" removal specialist.

9.5 years dedicated coach at Tudor Investment for (CFO, Managing Partners, Portfolio Managers & Traders)

10 yrs. Performance Coach - Pro Athletes & Young Proteges in Tennis/Golf/Running/Lacrosse

3 years Coach/Trainer/Trader - Heaviest Day-trading firm on Wall St.

4 Years - Radio Show Host - "Elite Masters of Trading"

Seen on: CNBC, ABC News, 20/20 News, TastyTrade, Business Week, The, and other venues

15 years in High-Tech, Sales Exec - Digital Equipment Corp, DG, NYNEX

8 Years with Tony Robbins as a Trainer/Coach with a special on-road team

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