Davey, Kevin


Create a Simple Trading Algo for Crude Oil



Thursday, May 20, 2021 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

Champion Trader and Best Selling Author Kevin Davey is back to join us for another great webinar. Kevin will be building a simple trading algo that can be traded in Crude Oil. The following are some of the key highlights of his upcoming May 20th presentation:

  • What algo trading actually is
  • How algo trading can give you confidence in your trading
  • Can algo trading eliminate emotions
  • Which markets are better for algos, and why
  • Putting it all together: building an algo for Crude Oil
  • Nuances for ES, GC, ZB

Kevin J. Davey is a verified world champion trader, best selling trading book author and recognized algo trading expert educator. Located in Cleveland, Ohio USA, he can be reached at his website:

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Kevin Davey is one of the most credible developers in the industry. I'm going to promote and post this event on my LinkedIn. Glad to see you know him

Hope all is well ! Keep in touch.

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William Gallwas

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Speaker’s Bio

As an award winning full time trader, and best-selling and award winning author, Kevin Davey has been an expert in the algorithmic trading world for several decades.

Between 2005 and 2007, Kevin competed in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading, where he finished first once and second twice, achieving returns in excess of 100%!

Kevin develops, analyzes, and tests trading strategies in every futures market from the e-mini S&P to crude oil to corn to cocoa.

He currently trades full time on his personal account. He also helps small groups of traders significantly increase their trading prowess via his award winning algorithmic trading course, "Strategy Factory®". Beyond his course Kevin also helps educate the trading community via his award winning book, "Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems", published by Wiley

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