Crimmins, Jim


The 5 Critical Business Mistakes Active Traders Make



Tuesday, June 14, 2016 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Investors and traders alike have seen robust times, and bust times during the period they have traded.  What causes the difference?

Traders Accounting contracted a large and highly respected research group to tell us what we could do to help more of our clients be successful traders.  They first came up with the reasons that many traders failed in the markets, and from that made recommendations as to what a trader can do to increase the odds in their favor.

Jim understands that he is the messenger, you are the "execution" person.  However, if you agree with what Jim has to say, then you should put the ideas presented into action.

About Our Speaker

Jim Crimmins is the founder and President of Traders Accounting, a firm dedicated to those engaged in active trader business and Small Business Financials. Jim, a day trading accounting expert, has become the voice of 'tax efficient trading' for the fast growing market of day traders. He delivers webinars and participates in several chat rooms each month as well as creating classes, lectures, and home study courses for small business entrepreneurs.

Jim earned his stripes in corporate America as an executive with several NYSE companies, both as a controller, operations manager, and ultimately COO. After leaving corporate America he taught business principles at a Seattle college. He then decided to practice what he preached and has started and managed four different successful companies in both Seattle and Phoenix. Additionally, he, along with his wife, own and manage rental real estate in the Phoenix market place.

Jim has worked with one of the largest and well-known educational organizations of the stock market in this country where he developed a network of experts in the trading arena. He left the company to fill what he saw as a gap in traders accounting services for the vast number of traders in the market.

Today's technology has dramatically changed the way day traders do business. The Internet provides traders with resources from anywhere in the country all from the comfort of the traders home or office.

He resides, with his wife in Phoenix, AZ near their six grandchildren.

Speaker's Contact Info

Phone: 855.334.7936



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