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What Gives Professional Traders their Edge



Saturday, October 6, 2012 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Most retail traders are taught to trade with candlesticks and a myriad of indicators to find entry and exit points. If these indicators really work well, why aren't professional traders using them? What are institutions using today and have been using for almost 30 years? You can bet they aren't using lagging indicators!

One of the industry's most successful Market Profile traders, Charley Cochran, Managing Partner of will show you how to predict where the market will be trading and what targets to use. Market Profile can do this for you, this may be a money making eye-opener. It will also explain why 'the big boys' use Market Profile to trade.

Charley studied with Peter Steidlmayer the creator of the Market Profile over 30 years ago, and since that time Charley has created and perfected a methodology to trade it. Market Profile was created for the CME Exchange Members and is still being used by the Members.

Don't miss this extraordinary explanation of how the institutions aka 'the big boys' trade with Market Profile. It's a different view: using volume at price, you can readily see at what levels the big boys are trading!

Join us on October 6th and enjoy a comprehensive presentation on how to trade Market Profile, and not just the basics. Charley will show how to use Market Profile to the way our traders do.

Earlier this year, CN Futures Trading launched live trading rooms for the S&P, Gold, Notes and Bonds. Several of his Market Profile traders will present examples of their trades, rules and results.

At this meeting you will learn how Market Profile can take your trading to a whole new level.

About Our Speaker

Mr. Cochran has been an active participant in the securities and futures industry for 31years. He entered the brokerage industry in 1980 and made the President's Council in two national brokerage firms. In 1991, he formed Charles Cochran & Associates to take his trading, educational, and research ideas to the market for professional traders and institutions.

Mr. Cochran has been a hedging consultant for Wood Mackenzie, CTA. His clientele included some of the biggest names in the hedging and trading community: Koch Industries, Texaco, Arco, Can-Pet, Burnes and Frye, Chase Manhattan Bank, The King Ranch, Center Oil, Simmons Petroleum, Warburg Pincus, Brookover Enterprises, Excel, Cargill and Bank Four to mention a few. This working knowledge of the institutional mindset gives his clientele a jump on the markets at turning points.

His first software program, Catswin, was CQG's first independent vendor's software to be offered in their system. CQG was the industry's premier quotation service and their promotion of the software was quite an endorsement.

In 1998, the CME's technology committee recognized this software program as the best software for replicating the floor environment on a trading screen for off the floor traders. His second software program, Floor Trader, was developed to capture and show the volume/time and sales data real time, as offered by the electronic exchanges. The latest version of the software, Inside Edge, is offered by Blue Water Trading Solutions. The software is Market Profile based and shows MP information on all its screens. The software's focus is the directional movement of volume through time and the distributions.

Mr. Cochran taught classes on his software and market profile at CME, CBOT, and NYMEX Exchanges and numerous private venues.

The CNFT Team of traders will be available with Charlie to show trade examples and answer questions:

Eric Solheim, Co-moderator of the Gold Room
Rich Genders, Director of Training, Client Assistant
Ellen Sears, Chair of the Advisory Board & Co-moderator of the Gold Room
Steve Lyon, Client Assistant
Dan DuBois, Client Assistant
Philip Volt, Client Assistant

Charley is an amazing educator who can take a complex subject and explain it so everyone understands it.


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Phone: 303.862.8314



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