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Technical Analysis the Right Way



Saturday, October 5, 2013 09:00 MDT » 11:00 EDT

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Detailed Agenda:

Thousands of individuals enter the markets each year to increase their wealth. Some do this by investing, others to generate income through short-term swing-trading or day-trading. With that goal in mind, they set out to learn technical analysis as a means to determine what stock, commodity, futures contract, currency or ETF to trade, how to trade it and when to trade it. Many will spend years and quite a bit of money doing this. Unfortunately, the majority will end up in a black hole of indicators and systems that will leave them more confused than when they started out.

Most of the technical analysis education industry is built on teaching the same indicators and concepts handed down from year to year. Marketers have their custom or proprietary indicators or analysis tools that will do the work for you, so they say. Some predict the futures with cycles, golden ratios, wave counts, Ichimoku clouds…and on it goes.

Technical Analysis learned the right way leaves the student with a “thought process” of doing the analysis of any tradable instrument - in the same exact way - every time:

  • Understanding why conventional technical analysis tools aren’t needed and actually confuse.
  • How to determine the trend in any time frame, and the change thereof, consistently.
  • Where to enter a trade where the odds are the highest in your favor. 
  • How to use multiple time frame analysis for your bias and trades.
  • How to simplify candlestick analysis and use reversal signals at the proper time.
  • Live chart review to put it all together.

Regardless of what you trade or invest in - or the time frame used to do it- this time spent with Greg will advance your goal of using technical analysis to make more money.

About Our Speaker

Greg Capra

Greg Capra is President and CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., the nation's leading online educational service for active, self-directed traders since 1994. He has been a day and swing trader for more than 25 years and won the MoneyShow Live Trading Challenge six times in a row.



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