Brower, William


Trading Crypto Currencies - What You Need to Know.



Thursday, August 9, 2018 14:30 MDT » 16:30 EDT

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Detailed Agenda

You will want to dispense with any preconceived notions you have about cryptocurrencies. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will revolutionize commerce. Entire industries will be forced to adapt to the powerful forces of blockchain technology or risk extinction.

The time to trade cryptocurrencies is now, when they are in their infancy. This presentation will show you why and how cryptocurrencies will disrupt industries and how you can participate.

Here is what we will cover:

  • What are Cryptocurrencies?
  • What is Blockchain technology?
  • Why would anyone want to trade cryptos?
  • Brief History of cryptocurrencies
  • How and where do they trade?
  • Can they be traded using Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis?
  • Where can you get historical data on cryptos?
  • Is historical data in both daily, intraday and tick based format?
  • What coins should be traded (there are over a 1000 to choose from)?
  • What are the legal issues regarding cryptocurrencies?
  • How do you buy and own cryptos?
  • What is an electronic wallet?
  • What kind of slippage should be expected?
  • Can you run scalping strategies in intraday data?
  • Are there cryptocurrency ETF's?
  • How volatile are cryptos and how to deal with volatility?
  • What does a trading strategy of cryptos look like in TradeStation?
  • What are the major risks when trading cryptos?

During the webinar Mr. Brower presented several links at the end of his presentation. Here they are: - realtime and historic data for download in ASCII CSV format - realtime listing of crypto prices - realtime listing of crypto prices - US exchange where you can set-up a crypto wallet - subscribe to their news alerts - Time Traveler Trading

PREVIEW Links at (Let's you see where the short link is taking you before you go there.) - Lightning Network explained - SA Fundamental Analysis part 1 - SA Fundamental Analysis part 2 - Wikipedia MT. Gox hack history - Binance becomes largest crypto exchange - Crypto enthusiast author Hans Hauge articles - Brief history of cryptos - Audio Book on Cryptocurrencies - Forbes article on blockchain disrupting real estate transactions - Forbes article on blockchain used to create secure personal identification - Fortune article on Bakkt – launch new Bitcoin Exchange - added by DTG Webmaster

Speaker’s Bio

William Brower, CTA is a TradeStation expert skilled in design and development of trading systems.  He specializes in understanding the needs of traders and providing solutions in TradeStation.  Much of this involves training users on the use and limitations of the software including one-on-one telephone guided training sessions on how to maximize the use of the software.

>He has provided full time training and programming support services for TradeStation users since 1992. In addition, he has developed trading strategies for commodities and futures, equities, equity options, index, index option, FX including trend following, spread trading, market neutral, pattern recognitions and various other kinds of trading systems.  He also assists clients in evaluating reward-to-risk characteristics of their trading strategies and portfolios.  He also developed and markets software for risk control and portfolio rebalancing.

>He began working with TradeStation software in 1992.  From January of 1994 to December of 1999, he published TS Express, a bi-monthly "Journal for Informed Users of TradeStation" providing a forum for trading research related to risk control, trading methods, day trading, short term versus long term strategies, trade selection, entry filtering, volatility based trading, position sizing, event trading in index, energy, currency markets and other advanced trading system development issues.

TradeStation Securities (formerly Omega Research) chose him to be their EasyLanguage columnist and Contributing Editor for their quarterly Journal.  He was a frequent speaker at the Futures and TradeStation conferences.  He has appeared on CNBC with John Murphy.  He has written articles for both TASC and Futures magazines and for Trading  Mr. Brower has written and published two books on how to design and build trading systems.  He was the first to develop and offer commercial software to perform Monte Carlo Simulation for a portfolio reward-to-risk analysis specifically tailored to the needs of TradeStation users.  He currently offers a 52 week in-depth course in learning Easylanguage, the programming language behind TradeStation.

Mr. Brower currently resides in Redding CT where he works from his home providing full time trading and programming consulting services to a world wide clientele.  Mr. Brower holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and MBA, Finance.

What others have to say about William Brower:

"I have been using and writing systems for TradeStation since Day One, (I have Block No.1); When I need help on code there are only two people I call: Mark Mills at TradeStation or William Brower at"

Joe Krutsinger, CTA

"Your module one is excellent. So very much new to think about and how to develop different trading strategies. Your tool trader strategies PDF is very good, but please keep me informed if you develop or add any new ideas."

--Don W

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