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» Agenda and Speaker Biography follow »

Detailed Agenda

Delete all this and copy/paste in the Description and format as desired. Header is automatic as seen above.

SUMMARY in no particular order - just as I thought of them:

  • Change the Title and URL of the just completed Webinar. Remove "next-". It will become: webinar-lastname-yyyy-mm-dd
  • Make a New page by clicking New Draft from "Next Webinar Master" - Open Ron's announcement in a webpage to copy and paste
  • Edit the Register for the Next Free Webinar link at the bottom to have the correct digits
  • Create the AUDIO link for the last guy. eStore, manage, get the ID of a recent one. Add New, scroll down, put in the ID and Copy. Now you can just change the top and 1st two tabs for the corrected links. There are about 4 places to edit.
  • Make sure it's working on the Audio page. Make sure the video linked too.
  • >>might be one more thing. can't remember.


  1. Find this page in the list: next-webinar-master
  2. Instead of Edit, click New Draft. Once you do you should be editing that new draft, which is a copy of this page.
  3. Page name (the permalink) and the page TITLE.
    1. If your new page is for the very next webinar to be presented:
      1. Make the TITLE of the page: Next Webinar-Lastname-yyyy-mm-dd. We use the prefix next- so it will be easy to find in the list of pages as all historical pages will start with webinar-
        Use all lowercase letters with dash in-between (no _underscores).
      2. STOP - SAVE DRAFT:
        1. Now find the previously most recent webinar page, click edit
        2. Edit the permalink and title on that page to be: webinar-lastname-yyyy-mm-dd instead of next-webinar-lastname-yyyy-mm-dd.
        3. The "slug" will correct itself.
        4. Remove Next from the Title.
        5. Update nw-rating to a number between 1 and 10.
        6. Click the page  Update  button (top right).
      3. Back to the new draft you just saved. It will have the correct new Title per #3.A.a.
      4. It will look like this: -- we include next- here even though pages are sorted by Title. This makes changing it easier when it's no longer the 'next-webinar' as the slug updates with the permalink change.
      5. Scroll down to the "slug" and change the slug to next-webinar
    2. For any other webinar except the actual NEXT Webinar:
      1. If a Historical webinar or seminar:
        1. The TITLE of the page will be: Webinar-Lastname-yyyy-mm-dd.
        2. The permalink will be webinar-lastname-yyyy-mm-dd (no caps in permalink).
        3. The "slug" will change automatically to match the permalink.
      2. Webinars farther in the Future (a date beyond the actual next-webinar):
        1. The title will still be: Next-Webinar-Lastname-yyyy-mm-dd.
        2. The permalink will be next-webinar-lastname-yyyy-mm-dd so it's different than the actual next-webinar link. All the automated links for the actual next-webinar look for that slug.
      3. In cases a. and b. the slug will be taken from the permalink. No need to edit.
  4. In the two blocks for Detailed Agenda and About Our Speaker, paste in the copy and format as desired. Watch out for extra DIVs from ConstantContact.
  5. In the block named Speaker's Contact Info, update that info and be sure to update links for website and email!
  6. All other data blocks are filled out from meta data below the editing area.
    1. Fill out all meta-data blocks beginning with nw-. There are four and the formats are specified.
    2. If editing this page and your only changes are to nw- values, you change can click the update button to the left to save your nw- changes without having to click the  Update  button.
  7. When done editing, click   Publish   (or  Update  if you have already published).
  8. Lastly, go edit the page named: Register for the next FREE Webinar
    1. This time click Edit
    2. The permalink at the top has no "edit" button. You must scroll to the bottom where it says "A custom URL" and change the number string to the have the new numbers for GoToWebinar Registration - or all zeros until you get the new number from Ron.
    3.  Update  that page.

Speaker’s Bio

Speaker's Bio

Speaker’s Contact Info

Phone: 000.000.0000



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