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The Membership Area allows you access to our Video, Audio and Information on Trading the the Trader's Blog. Access to these areas is in the menu block to the right (on a large screen) or at the top for mobile devices.



Click the menu item labeled DTG Videos for (membership level)

  • Silver can access the most recent 90 days of videos from the current date.
  • Gold can access the most recent ONE YEAR of videos from the current date.
  • Platinum can access all Webinar and Seminar Videos ever created by the DTG.

When you go to the Video page there are further instructions. Also the Member Menu does not appear here due to technical limitations of the "theme" we are using for the website. To get back to the Member AREA simply click that item in the main menu at the top. For mobile devices it's in the menu icon  ≡

UPDATE 9/22/2017: I enabled keyboard controls for videos. This means you can use the keyboard to control the video for things like start/stop, volume and speed of playback! Click here for a complete list of controls.

NOTE 1: Videos are not downloadable. They are presented via encrypted, time limited links and are stored in a secure location. Please see our Terms & Conditions. Because this menu builds these special links, it takes several seconds to 'compile'.

NOTE 2: On all videos there is a link to FlowPlayer in the lower left corner. Please ignore that link. It's for upgrading FlowPlayer on the host server, not your computer. You do not need to download FlowPlayer.

Audio Recordings:

Members can download Audios (.mp3) of any presentation to load onto a mobile or other device for listening 'on the go' or while flying when there is no internet access. Note that there are more Audios than Videos because prior to about 2010 we only made audio recordings. Login from your phone and they will download directly to your phone.

When you find an audio note if there is a .ZIP, .PPT or .PDF file with the same name. These are supporting documents that have slides and/or related info to help you with understanding that speaker's presentation.

For all files in Audio, click on the button. The other links are to see the description.

Download Center & Trading Articles:

There are well over 200 articles on trading. Platinum Members can find these under the two menus labeled Download Center and Trading Articles. You can search for keywords like 'fibonacci' or a presenter's name using your browser's find function (type ctrl-F). Alternatively you can use the menu bar search function (magnifying glass icon) at the far right of the menu bar.

Trader's Blog:

There is a page to view blogs and there is a page to write blogs. Click the appropriate link. Feel free to add posts about your trading experience or a lesson learned. We also would appreciate suggestions for Presenters and Topics. When viewing the blog the Member Menu does not appear here either as "post pages" are pre-determined by the CMS software (WordPress in this case). To get back to the Member AREA simply click that item in the main menu at the top. For mobile devices use the menu icon 

Membership Options:

The second menu block has Member Options. Here you can link back to this page, these instructions, renew your Membership and view our Terms & Conditions.

Membership Status:

The third block shows your login information, when your membership expires, a link to edit your profile where you can update your member info such as changing your email address and a link to our support page (our Contact menu). If you need membership help, check the appropriate box in this form.

Renew Your Membership:

The fourth block is to renew your membership. This block is always visible -- it does not mean it's time to renew. You can see your expiration date just above. It is here because you should use this when it's time to Renew your membership. Discounts for renewals are included here whereas the Sign Up page always has regular prices.

Member Specials

None at this time.

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