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The Denver Trading Group (DTG) has been in operation prior to 2002 when we started our website to share trading information we have accumulated -- and continue to accumulate -- in particular through live trading seminars and, more recently, through online webinars. We began recording the audio from our seminars in 2005, full video in 2008 and transitioned to online webinars starting in January 2016.

As of February 2019, we have 216 live presentations in Audio and/or Video including 132 Videos. The live seminars were typically 4 hours, while the webinars are 1 to 2 hours in length. In addition to these presentations there are many trading articles, techniques and educational references. Before you think that some of the trading systems are "too old" we just had a presentation in March 2017 on "Andrews Lines - Do They Still Work?". Andrews' lines were invented in the early 1900s by Dr. Alan Andrews...and they still work today. There are no "old" trading techniques, only "good" trading techniques.

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Happy to have signed up for the Rick Saddler webinar.  It was great!  Thank you very much for the opportunity.


Dave F.

Thanks for the Webinar by Dave Forster.  It was great!

Bev Denver

Mr. Abusaad gave a fabulous presentation. He was clear, organized and gave many examples - much appreciated. Maybe it's the CPA in him - so organized. Thanks for all you do.


This webinar was worth the yearly membership fees...and then some. I really am glad I joined the group. With such quality presenters as Larry, I'm looking forward to the next webinar.


Thanks for the invite and presentation. It was one of the greats arranged by DTG. Thank you. It was a valuable and positive experience and I plan to review the webinar as soon as it is available for DTG subscribers.


I enjoyed the presentation—took me back to my old commodities trading and testing days. I am still working a day job so I often am unable to listen to your presentations, but look forward to watching when I can and also go back in the archives for past issues.


I thought overall it was excellent. The length was good. The audio was very good. The whole presentation was very professional. Well done! I look forward to upcoming webinars.

Mike C.

Please enroll in webinar alerts - today('s webinar) was excellent - Thank you.


Enjoyed the presentation very much and I am going to be looking for ABC formations on every chart! I need to get his book and the poster he mentioned.

Webinar Viewer

Wish I could make it to more of these worthwhile presentations. Am headed to semi-retirement now and may be able to get to more of them as time passes. Keep 'em coming!


Really enjoyed this lecture. I am going to have to watch again.


This was quite interesting. I pulled her book from the shelf (Carolyn Boroden) and added it to my reading stack. I am working on this exact stuff right now. I look forward to the volume profile stuff too.

Jay G.

Interesting and worthwhile.


Thanks for the webinar with Corey. It was excellent. I learned a lot. For me he packed a lot of helpful material into the presentation. Thanks - Radu.

Mark B Florida

I just wanted to drop off a note unsolicited in reference to Rick Ackerman. His system is uncanny, I have been working with it for the past 6 months, and to this day still amazed.

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