If you are having problems with

We use GoToWebinar to host all of our live webinars. If you registered and did not receive your invitation and link, PLEASE CONTACT GoToWebinar.

Click here for GoToWebinar HELP. Try the first link: How To Join A Webinar.

Tips: Be sure you gave them a valid email address. If you didn’t get a confirming email promptly, please check your spam/junk mail folders. You can always re-register with the same or another email address. GoToWebinar will tell you if that email is already registered. If it says your email is already registered then your email was sent since it’s an automated system. If it doesn’t say it was sent, then you will most certainly get an invitation to the new/corrected email address.

The DTG does not (cannot) issue invitations.

You can always help us out and sign-up for a membership where you can view this and other video recordings — up to 17 years of them. We are a non-profit group of traders and we don’t have any other products to sell to offset the cost of these free webinars and the website. The only revenue we have is other traders joining our group.

CLICK HERE to see your options for JOINING. THANKS!